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[ Today is turning out to be an interesting one for Minako. When she turned up to volleyball practice, she didn't expect to see half the team missing. Although, this has started to become the norm due to Rio's strictness and a decent amount of the members aren't too happy with it. It doesn't bother Minako so far because she can understand her reasoning, most of the time, and that's why she always comes to practice.

Not wanting to see Rio upset or cancel practice, she figures that there has to be someone in the school that can make the teams even and that is where Akihiko comes in. The second she finds him, Minako flags him down. If anyone is going to give them a good sweat and a possible run for their money then he's their guy and, she hopes, he'll be able to help loosen the team up. A lot of the juniors look up to him, mostly the girls, so Minako is certain that he will have some sort of positive effect on them. ]

Hey, Akihiko-senpai! [ She waves her hand up in the air, just in case her voice isn't enough. There's a big, bright smile on her face when Minako approaches. ] Are you free this evening? [ It won't surprise her if he does turn out to be busy. Being a senior can't be easy and she's seen how hard they've got to study. But, behind her back, she'll be keeping her fingers crossed. She even rocks on her the ball of her heels because she's just that impatient to be able to hear a response. ]

Actually, even if you're not free, can you help us for a tiny bit?

[ Classic.

She couldn't even wait for a response. ]
foolsvessel: (pic#6850605)
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